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Creative Experience





ZEItge ycoo & co.

owner, co-founder

07/2023 - Present

volvo sponsored project

team member of volvo construction equipment design


Levi's & co.

summer internships in product department


Artcenter College of Design

BFA Product Design

01/2020 - Present (Anticipated graduate in 2024)

Rhode Island School of Design

Summer Program

06/2018 - 08/2018



This is Devin Jiang, a product designer from Qingdao, a city on China's eastern coast. I am a person who loves sports and likes exploring life. I am good at finding subtle points in life to generate thinking, which, I think, makes me willing to become a product designer who constantly explores and innovates, and makes my motto "Explore for more" my lifelong design mission.





To be honest, I don't think I'm 100% hard at work, I always want to maintain a little bit of what makes me happy in life: eating and sleeping. But I completely changed my once lazy self for the purpose of design and what I want to achieve. I began to pursue the most perfect state of the product and began to delve into every detail. This was a state that I could never imagine and reach before. I think this transition has qualified me to say that I love my profession and also to explore and learn more. What I want to do now is to invest more time in my studies, and at the same time do time management. Maximize the value of the limited study time and become a qualified product designer in the future.

“ Explore For More “

I always yearn for the unknown, and I always like to explore different fields and add my own complex emotions. I think this kind of perceptual gain can inspire my design inspiration and achieve distinctive results. More importantly, it can make me a more complete me. 4 life, 4 everything.




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